Combating Some of
Ag’s Biggest Challenges

Download our special report, The Future of the Family Farm, to see our analysis on some of the biggest challenges facing family farms today and learn how farmers across Canada are leveraging their FBN® membership to maximize profit potential for their operation. 

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Fight Against Rising Production Costs

By using tools that help them make smarter, more informed decisions about their operation, farmers are using data-backed insights generated from millions of acres of real-world farm data to take greater control over their financial future.

Price Transparency Unlocks Potential Savings

FBN’s Price Transparency tool shows market averages, quotes, and invoiced prices on hundreds of inputs and has revealed, on average, 10% in potential savings for crop protection products and 12% in potential savings in seed costs for farmers. 

Seed Recommendations Specific to Your Fields

Farmers who planted the canola seed variety recommended by FBN’s Yield Potential tool outperformed those who planted another variety by an average of 7 bushels per acre.

Value and Convenience Buying Inputs Online

The price you find on FBN Direct® for chemical inputs is on average 21 percent below the market average. Add products to your cart, check out and get them delivered straight to your farm.

Maximize Your Profit
Potential with FBN 

Get The Tools You Need to Combat Ag’s Biggest Challenges 

Download The Future of the Family Farm to learn how you can use our data-driven solutions to lower production costs, maximize the value of your crops and make confident decisions. 

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