What You Pay for Seed Depends on Where You Live

Are you paying more for seed than your neighbors?

Are you paying the highest prices for seed corn? 

Do you know how much you pay for seed per bushel of yield? 

How much does the price of seed vary within the "zone" where you farm?

What Farmers are Saying About Zone Pricing for Corn Seed

Peter Zimmerman, Waseca, MN

“I can't find any benefit in my head for regional or zone pricing. I don't understand it. I don't know why we should have it. It should be the same across the board."

Brent Rendel, Miami, OK

“Zone pricing is not something anyone tells you about. The value in a bag of seed is supposedly the expected yield potential that bag has for your farm, and that’s how they justify zone pricing. My corn yields on average are about 60 percent of what the Corn Belt averages. So if zone pricing is about the value of seed, why aren’t the prices in my zone that much less expensive?"

Download the report and find out if you're paying more for seed than farmers in the next county over.

Find Out How Much Seed Zone Pricing Could Be Costing Your Farm

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