FBN℠ x Amazon Business Partnership

To effectively run a farming operation, you need a long list of farm inputs. Through FBN Direct, farmers can buy seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, farm technologies & services. 

But outside of actual crop production, there is a wide range of activities and tasks that farmers have to accomplish every day. We are partnering with Amazon Business to bring savings, convenient ordering and speedy delivery of other essential farm business supplies and products to FBN members.

Why Are We Partnering

Farmer works with computer

Savings on Essential Farm Business Supplies

FBN members can enroll in Amazon Business to get access to a specialized shopping experience tailored to farmers.

  • A wide array of farm goods: office supplies, tools, maintenance and repair items, heavy and commercial vehicle parts, and much more
  • Business customer-only savings
  • Deals offered by Kimberly-Clark Professional, Honeywell, Bosch and other Amazon vendors to be announced soon
  • Business-specific purchasing tools: fast shipping, multi-user accounts, and spend analysis

How to Sign Up

Shop away!

Not an FBN member? Learn how to become one here.

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