Spraying Applications Guide for the DIY Farmer

Are you making the most out of your chemical spray applications?

Up Your Summer Spraying Game

This guide is for farmers who want to learn what the pros know so they can do it themselves.

Owning and Operating Your Sprayer

Learn spraying tips and management steps to make the most out of your most common applications. 

Four Steps to a Successful Spray

Get each spray just right by studying your crop canopy, knowing your water volume, identifying your target for the spray and rotating modes of action.

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Before You Step Foot in the Sprayer

Record-keeping musts, measuring environmental and field conditions and tips to limit spray drift.

Always, Always, Always

Perform a jar test to understand tank mix compatibility, reduce your changes for exposure (safety first!) and know your equipment.

Download the Free Spraying Guide

Make the most out of the most common chem applications you’ll make with your sprayer. 

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