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FBN Hail Crop Insurance offers data-powered coverage at a lower deductible to help protect your operation against hail damage.

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Deductible/Dollar Plans

Full/Basic crop-hail coverage provides a payment that equals the percent of loss multiplied by the insured value per acre.

Deductible/Dollar Plans crop-hail coverage gives you the freedom to select your deductible and insured value per acre.

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Companion crop-hail coverage is supplemental, insuring the portion of your crop not covered by your MPCI policy.

Production coverage accounts for your MPCI policy and uses your production history to set guarantees and harvested yield to determine losses.

Resources to Help You Stay Informed

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Crop-Hail Insurance: What Do I Need to Know? [Webinar]

Hailstorms pose a serious threat to your crop. Take a closer look at crop-hail insurance and see how you can better protect your operation against loss.

Exploring crop-hail insurance options? Watch a pre-recorded webinar to learn more about policies and coverage levels designed to protect you against loss.

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