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Our advisors and market intelligence are backed by a team of Global FBN data scientists and economists, watching the market and crunching the numbers on your behalf. 

As a data-focused tech company, we're constantly refining our models to bring you better insights and advice.

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Ryan Denis grew up on his family farm in Domremy, SK where he learned how to plant and nurture his first crop. Early in life he found a passion for agriculture and was fortunate to enter the grain industry to start his career.

In 2009, Ryan started his career in the grain industry and bought grain for Viterra. After a couple of successful years, he switched focus and began advising farmers to help them make stronger marketing decisions. He saw a need to distance himself from the big 3 line companies and began his completely independent consulting firm, Full Acre. Ryan’s client list expanded rapidly as producers decided that they needed someone on their side that would provide advice, but also be in their corner for negotiations and contract execution. 

Ryan and his team provide consulting services for 100+ farms, representing over 400,000 acres in the Alberta and Saskatchewan areas. His mission aligned perfectly with Farmers Business Network because he also puts Farmers First. The two companies joined forces in August 2019. With aligned visions, Ryan and his team are excited to be the leaders of the FBN Market Advisory program!


Kevin is the brain behind a lot of the market intelligence we produce, and leads our market intelligence and analytics efforts.  McNew was raised on a farm in central Oklahoma and received his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from North Carolina State University. 


Prior to joining FBN, Kevin was the President of GeoGrain, a data analytics company that collected and analyzed one of the world's largest cash grain-focused data sets.  

McNew is one of the most well-respected industry experts on cash markets. As an analyst, Kevin's unique commentary on cash markets can be seen weekly on Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters and other publications. He also currently serves on the CFTC Sub-Committee on Futures Market Convergence issues. In addition, he is a frequent speaker at conferences on topics of risk management, biofuels and new trading techniques.


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"Working with Ryan has taken our farm's market management to a completely new level. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we have a marketing team advising us that is independent of the purchasing side and therefore has no reason for market bias."

Jon Kauffman, Praire West FarmsTofield, AB

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