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Transparently priced pharmaceuticals giving you choices and control

Independent Animal Health Supplier

The FBN Pharmacy is dedicated to providing more and better choices for producers to find the best pharmaceutical products that suit their needs and maximize ROI. Choose from an array of animal medications and supplies from name-brand and generic manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Products





Stop sickness before it starts.

Treat animals returning them to health.

Fight off worms, grubs, lice, mites and more.

Improve beef cattle feed efficiency.

Reproductive Products


Milk Replacers

Synchronize estrous cycles to time breeding.

Soothe and treat flare-ups and illness.

Start calves off right with colostrum milk replacer.

Our best prices of the year!

Respiratory vaccines 10% off for first time FBN Livestock customers. Plus 8% off all animal health products when you spend $3,000 or more.

Available Across America

The FBN Pharmacy has prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals available in many U.S. states ready for rapid, farm-direct delivery. If your state isn’t currently included, check back soon!

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals 

Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals Only

"The vets give me input on what the products are supposed to do and talk with me about whether I really need to do it. I can have blinders on and they help lead me in the right direction."

Ryan Their

Minnesota Feedlot Operator

More Options and Upfront Prices

Are you ready to experience straight forward and fairly priced animal health products delivered to your door? We can’t wait to earn your business.

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