Three Things to Know Before You Hit the Field for Planting This Year

How to Get Planting Data Right with Stories from Farmers Like You

How to Optimize Your Farm's Corn and Soybean Planting Data

Want to make sure you're using best practices around pre-planting, calibrating monitors and making the most out of your precision ag data? We'll show you how in this planting data guide.

  1. Know your planting timing targets and planter equipment limits
  2. Setup fields and hybrids or varieties in your monitor early
  3. Sync your equipment and monitors
  4. Calibrate your monitor properly
  5. How to save your data!

Optimize Your Planting Data

Farmer Shares Why He Takes Time to Get Data Right

Read how FBN member Brian Scott is using data on his farm, and how he takes a little time to get his data squared away before planting.  

"The moral of this story is: If you want to make good decisions you need good data to access. It doesn’t take much time at all to ensure you’ve got this right. There is a lot more to precision farming than just making a neat map to look at. You have to be able to use it."

- Brian Scott, Indiana Farmer | @thefarmerslife

Simple steps and useful tools to optimize your farm's planting data this season.

Get the Planting Data Guide

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