2 Minute Integration With MyJohnDeere

Effortlessly Convert Your Files Into Powerful Benchmarking and Farm Analysis

Go From Generating Data to Making Decisions With It

Farmers spend thousands of hours in the field each year focused on planting, chemical or fertilizer applications, harvest and more. Each time a MyJohnDeere user with JDLink™ completes a pass on one of their fields they generate multiple files of data and send it to be stored in the cloud.

With so many hours going into crop production, actually carving out time to analyze and make data driven decisions from all of the field activity files can be extremely difficult. 

That's where Farmers Business Network comes into the picture.

We Work With Multiple Data Types

harvest yields
fertilizer chemical applications
planting replanting

We Make Data Analysis Easy

MyJohnDeere users with JDLink can effortlessly convert their precision files into powerful benchmarking and farm analysis. All a MyJohnDeere user needs to do is create an FBN account and log into My John Deere. Our team will process the files, create your personalized farm and field level analysis.

Connecting your John Deere account to FBN Analytics takes less than two minutes. From then on, all files available and uploaded to MyJohnDeere with JDLink will be automatically upload to your FBN account for immediate cleaning, benchmarking, mapping and analysis.

Hear From Wayne Bierlein. - MyJohnDeere User & FBN Member

"I like FBN for the ease of recording all my data, looking at my data and analyzing it. My information automatically goes from my My John Deere account into FBN. It saves me a lot of time and effort. I also really like the reports available through FBN. FBN does the analyzing for me instead of me spending way too much time at my computer trying to analyze my stuff, and even then, I still only have my information.

With FBN, I can compare my information, varieties I’m working with, compared to varieties my neighbors are planting. And it’s anonymous!"   Read Wayne's Full Story Here.

Data Storage & Security

As always, your data remains completely anonymous and secure. Farmers Business Network only downloads your John Deere files and resulting data and our analysis is not shared with John Deere.

Integrating JDLink Is Simple

Watch to see how easy it is to integrate JDLink with your FBN account.

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