• In some cases, you can get increased access to credit with WFRP 
  • Allows for expanded operations and further diversification 
  • More favorable treatment of quality issues 
  • Contains eligibility for crops grown for the purpose of seed 
  • Subsidy levels as high as 80% depending on commodity count and coverage level 
  • Covers commodities purchased for resale

WFRP is a federal crop insurance policy that protects 

against the loss of expected farm revenue.

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You shouldn't have to re-learn the language of insurance every year. Our agents and tools provide straightforward solutions and walk you through how they got there.


Don't just follow your neighbors - get the coverage that's best for YOUR operation. With our agents you get experience backed by the power of FBN Data. We look at historical coverage data and operational data to help you make the best decisions for your farm's unique risk profile.


The right risk mitigation plan year after year can make a big difference. That's why we're moving towards a fully integrated approach that keeps you secure in down years, without dragging on your profits when times are good.


Our Mission: Coverage with Confidence

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